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Best of The London Original Print Fair

Posted on May 06 2016

Held at the Royal Academy of Arts, the London Original Print Fair offers an opportunity to view works from all periods of printmaking, from the earliest woodcuts, to the latest editions by contemporary masters. The intimate boutique fair provides a friendly atmosphere for both budding collectors and seasoned print enthusiasts to engage dealers and artists.

Drink in hand, we spent a lovely afternoon taking in the fair and have rounded up our favourite finds...


Yanko Tihov at TAG Fine Arts

TAG Fine Arts is an art dealer and publishers based on Upper Street, Islington. Since launching in 2006, and holding their inaugural exhibition at the London Art Fair in 2007, they have represented emerging and established contemporary artists through a programme of exhibitions, commissions, major publishing projects, and collaborations with museums and non-commercial institutions.

We love this London Passport Map by Yanko Tihov. In Tihov's passport series of limited edition hand-finished prints, the design is determined by the colours and motifs of each country’s passport, which the artist carefully matches and re-creates within the correct national borders. Tihov has hand-painted the texts, seals and coats of arms which adorn the covers with real 24 carat gold, successfully capturing their individual details. The paint adds a unique layer to each work which beautifully reflects the light and enlivens the surface.


Art On A Postcard at Jealous

JEALOUS is a contemporary gallery, print publisher and printing studio, based in East London's creative hub of Shoreditch, with Jealous North in Crouch End.

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Jealous on the Art On a Postcard Lottery; a lottery of original, postcard sized artworks created by world-renowned artists, raffled off to raise money for The Hepatitis C trust. It was great to see the limited edition prints from 'The Best of Art On a Postcard 2015' on display.

A favourite among the collection has to be 'Untitled' by Anita Klein (pictured below). 

Anita Klein studied at Chelsea and the Slade schools of art. She is a fellow and past president of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE) and her work is in many private and public collections in Europe, the USA and Australia, including Arts Council England and the British Museum. She divides her time between studios in London and Anghiari, Italy.

“Ravel said he wanted his music to be complex, but not complicated. Anita Klein might say the same of her art. There is a grand simplicity to her works, but that is not the same as saying they lack subtlety and ambiguity. On the contrary, they have the sort of unselfconscious directness that comes from living and breathing art for so long that it becomes second nature” - John Russell Taylor.


Victoria Burge at Julian Page

Julian Page deals in Contemporary works of art, representing artists as well as specialising in publishing and dealing in prints. Julian Page work with artists such as Elizabeth Gossling, Victoria Burge, Claas Gutsche, Marcelle Hanselaar as well as exhibited artists including Louise Bourgeois, Peter Doig, David Hockney and Bridget Riley.

'Blue Star' by Victoria Burge (pictured above) is a treat. Much of Victoria Burge’s work is generated from information taken from 19th century atlases and statistical compendiums. Her process focuses on systems of mapping and the role of the repetitive mark in developing imagined landscapes. The imagery for the lithograph, Blue Star, was inspired by looking at antique astronomy journals, specifically early visual records and charts of stars found in the southern portions of the night sky.

The hand colouring across the 30 works in the edition means that all the prints are different, a response to the fact that a nightscape appears fixed, but is in fact ever changing- stars that we see in the sky may have faded away or exploded many years ago. To this end, she has added different numbers of stars and in different places to all of the lithographs.


Bronwen Sleigh at Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Print Studio was founded in 1972 as an artist led initiative providing facilities and workshop space to artists using fine art printmaking. Now, as an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence in fine art printmaking, Glasgow Print Studio promotes contemporary and innovative printmaking through supporting artists, exhibitions, learning and conservation.

Bronwen Sleigh (work pictured above) is a multi-disciplinary artist who takes inspiration from industrial architecture, unused and forgotten urban spaces, and environments at the edge of the city. Her work provokes an extended and considered dialogue with these spaces, which she transforms through the processes of her practice. She creates images and objects which resonate with the energy of these inhuman lands. Sleigh’s work explores space rather than describing it, challenging perceptions of the ordinary by presenting it in an unfamiliar way.


Michael Craig-Martin at Alan Cristea Gallery

This year Alan Cristea Gallery have devoted their booth to the work of Michael Craig-Martin. On display are works from recent series’ including Catalan Suite I and II (2013), LED Lightboxes (2013), Objects of our time (2014), Fragments (2015) (pictured above), Drawings (2015). We will also launch Craig-Martin’s latest series of prints Fundamentals (2016), eight screenprints that continue his investigation of everyday objects.

Michael Craig-Martin was born in Dublin in 1941 and educated in the United States, where he studied at Yale University. He returned to Europe in the mid-1960s and was a key figure in the first generation of British conceptual artists. As a tutor at Goldsmith's College from 1974-1988 and 1994-2000, he had a significant influence on two generations of young British artists.

Throughout his career Craig-Martin has explored the aesthetic and linguistic character of everyday, designer and iconic ‘art-historical' objects which he has realised through a variety of media including paintings, sculpture, prints and, most recently, computer animations.


Dan Baldwin at CCA Galleries

CCA has over 40 years experience as one of the world's leading publishers and galleries specialising in original limited edition prints. CCA Galleries was established in 1972 as Christie’s Contemporary Art, a subsidiary of the famous auction house, Christie’s International. In the early days, CCA helped to establish original prints as a major art form in their own right and as a way of collecting genuine high quality art at an affordable price, ideals that it continues to promote.

Dan Baldwin creates a unique and immediately recognisable vision in his silkscreen prints. His work is at once both abstract and figurative, reflecting both reality and the world of imagination. Baldwin's subject matter is the interior of his own mind, from rumination on love, memory or philosophical issues, to an airing of opinion on politics and/or current affairs. The work is multi-layered, both physically (Baldwin can use glazes, diamond dust, collage and 3D media on top of his silkscreen surface) and in terms of meaning.


Tom Hammick at Flowers Gallery

Angela Flowers established her first gallery in 1970 on Lisle Street in London's West End. In the 1980s, the gallery was one of the first to open in London's East End, in a former laundry/fur storage facility in Hackney. Flowers participates regularly in art fairs internationally. The programme in both the UK and US comprises all media by established and emerging artists.

Tom Hammick ('Waiting for Time' pictured above) is a British artist based in East Sussex and London. Moved by the minutiae in life, he reflects on man's place in the world. His seductive landscapes forged from painted canvas or cut wood, reveal the 'otherworldliness' of life. They are metaphors for the human condition; reflecting states of mind, or expression about transience, fragility and awe.



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