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Affordable Limited Edition Art

Posted on August 25 2015

Starting the collection you've always wanted or giving the gift of art is easier than you think with these Affordable Limited Editions.

About the Artists

Steven Quinn

Livingroom Boom  Drive The Waters Edge


(Above: Livingroom Boom, Drive and The Waters Edge by Steven Quinn)

Steven Quinn plays with imagery in a fresh & unique way, toying with ideas and twisting images from their original context into new and sometimes humorous narratives. Faces protrude from mountain ranges, 1950s families frolic beside nuclear explosions, burning planets and more.

Run for the Hills

God Save the Queen   Hitched

Film London Map by Run for the Hills


(Above: God Save the Queen, Hitched, and Film London Map by Run for the Hills)

Run for the Hills is a bit of a creative meeting of minds (and pencils). A collaboration with graphic artist Dex and interior designer Anna Burles, their first collection Literary London celebrated everything that’s great about London’s literary heritage and brought London’s fictional characters to life.

Dex and Anna have now launched an exciting second collection - Film Noir - giving film classics a noir makeover.

Sammy Slabbinck

Stray Time High Time


(Above: Stray and High Time by Sammy Slabinck)

Sammy Slabbinck renders dynamic surreal collage prints and original collages on paper, combining vintage photographs with contemporary compositional styles. The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with exaggeration and proportions. Other times, the images are placed in a reverse context, juxtaposing modern ideals with traditional states of mind.

Sammy Slabbinck is a Belgian artist based in Bruges. He is like a director, placing found imagery from Mid-Century advertisements in a contemporary context. The result is a composition that meditates on the past and considers the absurdity of popular culture.



Launched in 1992, artrepublic features an incredible collection for the art lover, both online and at their gallery in Brighton. Discover the latest rare, limited edition art prints from both cutting-edge & world famous artists.






View the full range at https://www.culturelabel.com/collections/affordable-art-gifts


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