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Meet Jim Moir

Posted on April 23 2016

Art on a Postcard
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James Roderick Moir, better known by the stage name Vic Reeves, is an English comedian and artist, best known for his double act with comedian Bob Mortimer.

Art On A Postcard met Jim Moir at Art Car Boot Fair in Margate last summer, and we are so excited to be able to offer one of his postcards in this year's Lottery! 

He is known for his surreal and non sequitur sense of humour and, in recent years, his unique artistic style. After school, Moir undertook an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, before moving to London and becoming a factory inspector. Here he joined the Alternative Comedy Club and performed under many different guises: one of which – “The North-East’s Top Light Entertainer”, Vic Reeves – became Moir’s public persona.

Teaming up with Bob Mortimer, the comedy duo had TV hits with The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, Shooting Stars, Bang Bang, It's Reeves and Mortimer and The Fast Show. However, Reeves has said that he considers himself an artist before anything else: "I think everything I do is art. I don't really differentiate between painting, acting or comedy".

Moir began a part-time course at a local art college in 1983 to develop his love of painting. Soon after he persuaded a local art gallery to stage an exhibition of his unique work. Since then he has held many exhibitions of his artworks (at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Saatchi Gallery and Heathrow Terminal 5) and published two books of his creations (Sun Boiled Onions in 1999 and Vic Reeves' Vast Book of World Knowledge in 2009).

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