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Posted on November 22 2017

You've no doubt heard about our exclusive Piece of Mind collection - featuring never-before seen designs from acclaimed artist David Shillinglaw, this range champions mental health and wellbeing while also raising funds for the incredible charity Mind.

David is an artist naturally concerned with the functions and workings of the mind, and has produced for CultureLabel a series of designs which we have applied to a range of limited edition T-Shirts and prints - each item being produced in a strictly limited run of 50.

Each shirt, released monthly has a corresponding print

The print series are all available framed in matt black or white, or unframed, and the tees are available in a range of sizes from Small to XL - once they're gone, they're gone!
A new shirt is being released monthly for the year, with a print to match.


Piece of Mind is a line with a difference - aimed at removing stigma and opening up conversations. Working in association with Mind, these unique designs will raise money and awareness for the one in four people who live with a mental health problem. 15% of all sales go directly to Mind to support their incredible work.

Click one of the images below to discover the range. 

A selection of earlier designs in the collection

The Collection (so far..!)

About David Shillinglaw & his CultureLabel Collection
David Shillinglaw is an internationally respected and acclaimed artist, who uses his art to map his own complex thought processes. His art reveals insight into his mental processes and his drive to make sense of them. David wants to inspire others with his work and use it as a means to initiate discussion about important, but often avoided, topics.

David is one of CultureLabel's top artists - browse his collection here.
An exhibition, The Mechanics of Happiness was held in October 2017 to coincide with World Mental Health Day. The whole range could be bought in-store, with all items on display alongside David's original artwork and books. Shop the collection here.


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