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Why you should buy British art NOW!

Posted on October 28 2016

Since the pound is continuing to drop against the dollar, due to the much debated ‘Brexit’, NOW is the ideal time for Art Lovers to invest in British art.

The British art scene is teaming with talent. With hundreds of fresh talented artists emerging every year, there is always someone new to watch.


Born To Die - Louise McNaught

an ever growing name in the UK art world...


Why Buy Art?

Art has always made a desirable investment. For one thing, it is tangible – everyone likes to be able to see where their money is. And if it’s beautiful, even better!

It is also one of the safest and simplest investments out there. Buy an original and it could soon gain a healthy profit. Although this cannot be guaranteed, if you love the piece, then keeping it won’t be such a disappointment. Plus, if you hold out a few more years, the value may appreciate – you never know!



To The Moon And Back - Lauren Baker

 another exciting contemporary British artist!



CultureLabel's Tips for Buying and Collecting Art:


When is the best time to buy?

NOW!  UK art is cheap in US Dollars.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the pound dropped to a ‘three-decade low against the dollar’, making it the prime time to invest.


New to collecting?

Start low and build your way up. CultureLabel's goal is to make art buying and gifting more accessible, identifying the prime artists to start investing in now. Making it perfect for first time buyers. 

However, if you are simply purchasing out of love, rather than for financial gain, the expertise becomes rather redundant... If you love it, you love it!


Worried about the cost?

Don't worry! You don't have to re-mortgage your house to afford beautiful artwork! Take a look at our selection - with works ranging from $29 - $12,000 we cater to every budget!

Buy originals or, if buying a print, purchase one in a limited edition. 1-150 per edition is a good range to stick to. But, again, if you fall in love with something – who cares? It’s going on your wall after all!




Ice Cap - Rupert Newman

Well-known, established British artist


Unsure what to buy?

Send us an email for some buying tips and advice.









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