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  • Cherry Blossom I, Dan Baldwin - CultureLabel - 1
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Cherry Blossom I, Dan Baldwin - CultureLabel - 1
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Cherry Blossom I, Dan Baldwin - CultureLabel - 1 Cherry Blossom I, Dan Baldwin - CultureLabel - 2

Dan Baldwin

Cherry Blossom I



Limited Edition Silk Screen Print

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Dan Baldwin’s work is spontaneous and energetic, encompassing a variety of mediums adopting themes of love, memory, philosophy and religion. His works are vibrant in colour and the collage effect gives an insight into Baldwin’s imagination.

The word ‘Cherry Blossom’, in Japanese culture is a reminder that life is overwhelmingly beautiful, but also tragically short. Dan Baldwin sees both pieces in the diptych ‘Cherry Blossom I’ and ‘Cherry Blossom II’ take us on a personal journey and show us two room – in one we see his mantelpiece, a clock, and although they should inspire a sense of safety and comfort the rooms are filled with symbols of refuge; the bird returning to the nest, children climbing the stairs. Additionally, both rooms have a sense of time passing; a cracked vase, barbed wire fence, fire and rain clouds.

Limited Edition Print

This is a limited edition print of 50. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Size (CM): 80 X 86

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About the Artist

Contemporary painter and ceramicist Dan Baldwin is at the forefront of the new Young British Artist movement. His mixed media work is magnificently textural, ethereal and poetic, bridging the gap between abstract and figurative by creating images dense with symbols and layers of meaning. Dan Baldwin was born in Manchester in 1972. He studied Communication Media at Eastbourne College of Art and Design with commendation and received his BA with Honours in Communication Media and Illustration from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1995.

Dan Baldwin’s subject matter is the interior of his own mind, from rumination on love, memory or philosophical issues, to an airing of opinion on politics and/or current affairs. The work is multi-layered, both physically (he can use glazes, diamond dust, collage and 3D media on top of his silkscreen surface) and in terms of meaning. Dan Baldwin describes his work as allegorical, because it’s very much like music, “starting with a beat and building up the layers until the harmony is right.” The beat can go in the direction of figurative or landscape but often settles somewhere between abstraction and figurative. Common motifs in Baldwin’s organic compositions include children’s storybook illustrations, images of war, skate graphics and Vanitas.

In 2004, Dan Baldwin started creating pots when he doodled on a vase from a pound shop with a marker pen. This sparked his ‘Evil n Sick’ series of ceramics. His goal was to create a pot like one of his paintings, so he embraced new paints, glazes and firing techniques. He is now producing highly advanced ceramic works with fascinating 3D clay casting of objects and working in precious metals, like pure gold. Dan Baldwin has become a solid fixture at auction houses in recent years and has used his art to support many charities. In September 2007, he was critic’s choice on Saatchi online. In 2008, he featured in Bonham’s first urban art auction, gaining a record price for the sale of ‘Apocalypse Wow – The End of Everything’. The piece sold for more than £25,000.

Dan Baldwin has exhibited his paintings, prints and ceramics around the world. He has enjoyed a stream of critically lauded sell-out solo shows and presented his work in art fairs in Basel, Miami, L.A, Tokyo, San Francisco, London and New York. Select publications featuring Baldwin and his work have included Vogue, ELLE, I.D., Flair, The New Order, Art of England, Aesthetica, Style, Dazed and Confused, Modern Painters and Living Etc. Dan Baldwin has also collaborated with the internationally acclaimed singer Paolo Nutini, creating the record cover artwork for his single ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up) in 2014.

Sir Alan Sugar named Dan Baldwin as one of the top five artists in the country following his appearance on the BBC television show ‘The Apprentice’.

“Looking at Dan’s work is like meeting old friends for me. It looks as though at some point in our careers we used the same casting agency. I am flattered that Dan writes that he was influenced by my work. It’s fascinating to see Mickey and all the chaps used in a newer different way, and I have really enjoyed his work.” Sir Peter Blake


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